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Arnason Signs For Rotherham

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It's just depressing that Rotherham United is a better option than Aberdeen. I wonder if Arnason when he first signed for us was offered a deal longer than one year

They may not be. He said he would like to stay when no one came in for him. We told him the money put aside for his wages had been spent. He ends up at rotherham.

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Aberdeens offer was off the table. So you cant really say Rotherham was a better option than us. Sadly not as many teams as Arnason hoped came in for him (wheeeey).


Well done Craig Brown for not fannying about with players who won't sign new deals.


Aye he certainly told Diamond, Aluko, Maguire and Fyvie where to go :lolrangers:

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Well midfield cover is getting slimmer and that is part of our potential centre half coverage gone too. I hope Russell is feeling like playing a full season for the first time in a while.


Still Hughes and Rae are experienced, very experienced - once Fyvie goes we'll have the resilience of Milsom and Osbourne and can at a pinch move Jack out of right back into his preferred position.


It'd be nice to see someone in the broom cupboard rather than leaving, Kari is a loss. Can understand why he wants a firm contract. Shame we couldn't reach a deal.


Who is next?

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Rotherham isn't a 'better option'... he'll be playing Division 4 football in front of around 3500 fans. I would be enormously surprised if he's earning more money there than he would if he'd taken AFC's offer. He'd also have been a little more in the spotlight regarding International Call-ups and putting himself in the shop window at AFC.


Arnason fucked the pooch on this one... I was going to say he only has himself to blame, but his agent probably had a hand in sending him to the bottom tier of the English Football League.


Still, the agent gets paid either way, so what does he care if Arnason is playing one step above Conference football?




Diamond's career seems to be on a fairly expected downward trajectory. He's playing for what is essentially a Conference team punching above its weight in the 4th Division. And He'll be playing in front of about 2500 people on a weekly basis. Another player who saw Aberdeen as beneath his station.


Aye, well, how'd that work out for you, Zander?


Their stadium looks like the entrance to a Toys R Us.




McArdle seems to have made a sideways step... he'll be playing in front of crowds similar in size to those at Pittodrie... and maybe Bradford doesn't have the same shit atmosphere surrounding it as Milne's Aberdeen does. Still, Division 4 for him inna.


This probably says something about the standard of player that Aberdeen Football Club has been signing in recent years... Division 4 and Conference level, with a couple of notable exceptions.

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Blaming Brown for contracts is like blaming Duncan Fraser for us going one up front at home to St Johnstone or blaming Jim Leighton because the pies are shite.


Things that are Brown's job = things we can blame him for


Things that aren't Brown's job = things we can't blame him for


If this is the case...that Broon has absolutely no say in contract talks that's just plain daft...I find it hard to believe that we can say no to Arnason on a

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I hope Arnason gets on well, as I liked him as a player. Think he fucked up in his negotiations here and I don't think he was worth it, so fair play to the club in that respect.


Decent as he was, I think he has suffered a lot since Osbourne and Milsom went out of the team.

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