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Loved them but thought the last couple of albums, the last one especially, were pish.


crossfingers.gif for this one though.


I see they are touring the country too, great band to see live.


I've seen them during their last two tours and they really do put on a great live show.


Just checked their website and tickets for the SECC show in October are

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Worth every penny, i have seen them live loads of times, including Wembley Stadium and there is no better live band out there.


There is, several hundred better live bands out there actually.


I am a fan of them, musically, (last 2 albums aside) and I think they are the most horrendously overated live band, ever.


Seen them twice, both times they were absolutely fucking shite. Matt Bellamy is a fucking cock, would love nothing more than to smack his rat faced pus. Definitely one of the shittest cunts ever.

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