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Germany V.s Portugal

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The anti Germany comments coming from the panel on the BBC for winning a game but playing shite are brilliant. SO bitter!


Is that not supposed to be the sign of champions or something or does that just apply with Man U?! :itch-chin:


England might win a couple of games at the Euros but I bet you they won't play 'good football' in any of them

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I want the mighty germanic machine to go on to win it as well. I was expecting more from portugal. that team really should be able to give anyone a good game yet all they did was stifle the game and hope for something on the counter. Good to see Hummels play well also after Lawro in his infinite wisdom said he looked shaky at the start of the game. Overall happy with that result. Also means I am now 1 for 4 on the fitba coupon at work.

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I think that was a very lucky win for Germany, but they never start really well into these tournaments, and in this hard group it's just important to pick up the needed epoints and go through. Holland might beat Germany on Wednesday, though- which, together with a Portugal win over Denmark, would set all 4 teams at 3 points before the last match day which would be an epic final for the group :thumbup1:

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