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Tims V Croat War Criminals

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Did anyone else see Jelavic's touch that almost put him in? Commentators said fuck all about it. If it had been an English or Irishman they'd be showing replay after replay.


ITV does not provide the footage, so any lack of replays is not down to ITV. (same as BBC)

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Once again the title of the thread is inaccurate and very insulting to anyone who has Croatian relatives...who have lost loved ones in a very real battle for democracy.

See the fucking post below your one for why it is not innacurate. Either learn the history of the conflicts or shut the fuck up.

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Get a grip!

2 words Ante Gotovina


Atrocities were committed on all sides. Hard to see if you have a particular loyalty towards one group of people. I don't, I have travelled throughout the Balkans and met Croatians who admit war crimes took place by their people.

The ICTY also declared this.

You are great to have around after a crises! :laughing:

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