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1983 Gothenburg Signed Strip For Sale

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Hey there folks


I have come to the decision to sell my original 1983 dons top


It is signed by Neil Simpson, Mark McGhee, Willie Miller and Jim Leighton


If you want pics or any more info please pm me




Last time you posted something like this it was your wife that posted it as you'd stayed logged on.


I suspect this to be the same.

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Na it's totally legit this time. Need the cash to pay the deposit for my wedding band. Pissed off to have to sell it but hey ho

Why would you need a wedding band?...just tell her you feel uncomfortable wearing one...male wedding rings are optional...and a wee bit :gay:


Edit...OOps...a band (musical) is essential...

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I already have a big panoramic picture of a packed pittodrie on our living room wall which she reluctantly accepts being there as she is a Celtic fan from Dublin (saying that, she is hot and she hates the huns) so the top has to go as I'm not taking the pic down.

I dinna think there's any question in what you need to get rid of.

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