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Group A Final Matches

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i live archavin's playing style, he creates a lot of chances of goal for his companions and greek defense is not irresistible, than russian maneuvers are quick and coincided so i think russia will have an easy win tonight!

i hope poland will pass the turn, they could win this game against Czech Republic, they play an open kind of football that could pierce czech defense!

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Czechs have settled into it you feel and 2nd half could go either way. Poland didn't take advantage of their early dominance and the Greece goal should make the 2nd half interesting

Aye big time - right after said Poles were well on top. Bit like opening game of tourney when Poland went off briliantly then in second half were awful. Now in 2nd half they seem to have lost a lot of their energy and will need to find something as have to win.

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