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Close Season

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Euros are on & the huns are liquidated & yet this still feels like the dullest close season in ages.

Anyone else feeling this as well?

Why is it so fkn boring?

When are we going to get some decent news to actually have a wank about?

You know, like a GOOD signing (or even a signing for a start) or the huns being expelled for instance.

Don't know about you lot (guys at least) but I cannot wait ANOTHER two fkn weeks :banghead: cos ma sack's filled to bursting right now.

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It has been boring as f*** so far. Hopefully some signing news to come in the coming weeks will brighten the place, I wouldn't count on it though...


Any of Brown's interviews which make reference to the playing staff are all pointing to there not being much activity...


The usual platitudes about Milsom, Osborne, Pawlett etc coming back from injury.....the promising youngsters etc etc.... He was even banging on about Shaugnessy & Low in the paper today.

We cant even sign players we've said have agreed to come FFS!


Wait and see I suppose...

A winger, striker and centre half are a necessity.

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