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£68,000 A YEAR? They're annoyed because their contributions towards a pension will be more, well obviously as when you retire you'll have £20000 more. Maybe it should be a personal choice, maybe not. That's the nature of the beast in the public sector though I'm afraid. People should be contributing to their pensions anyway.


Only around 20% are going to strike I read.


Anyway old folk don't need that much money! ;)

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For a group of people used to media spin you should not believe everything the press are saying - the docs are striking in part because of the changes to their pension - but also because of changes to the public sector pension schemes - it would certainly have been better if they'd managed to co-ordinate it with all the other NHS employees who struck over the same reason.


When you join the public sector part of terms and conditions is the pension pay-off at the end - it has been a carrot to attract people into the various parts of the NHS as it is not a bad scheme. The doctors scheme was significantly watered down 4 years ago as well and it is happening again. So they are unhappy. It is a lazy and easy media spin to look at the salary and is being done by the usual suspects, it would be better if people looked at the overall picture.


The NHS pensions scheme is in surplus - so given the government is allegedly not paying any less - why do NHS employees need to pay more? Should working for the NHS mean that you should pay an extra tax? That is what the "pension increase" is- the pensions do not increase and people are working (and contributing) longer. Oh and, of course, this makes no difference to pension payouts for 10-15 years so all it does is increase revenue for the taxman.


Now while the huns are dodging their tax liabilities I am sure you can now understand why the public sector generally and NHS in particular are slightly peeved... oh and with the changes in NI, child benefit and tax laws, no wage rise for 3 years most doctors are hundreds of pounds a month worse off already supporting the bankers screw-ups.

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