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Fazzat ?

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Ah'm awa tae ma bed...I've had 500ml of Bishops Fingers(4.8%) from the oldest British Brewery Shepherd's Neane , I've had a large glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape(13.5%) , I've had ma Horlicks( helluva high sugar content ). It is time to drift aff into the erms of Morpheus.


I will correct ye's right...or otherwise , in the morning.



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Looks like Don Masson




A disappointing turn-oot for this een , so thanks for your attempt tup.


And it is quite correct ! Top of the Class !







Donald "Don" Sandison Masson (born 26 August 1946 in Banchory) is a Scottish former footballer. He won 17 caps for Scotland, famously missing a penalty with the score at 1-1, in a 3-1 defeat by Peru in the 1978.


It was early Summer '58 and Don kick-started by brief dalliance with football as a player by suggesting I play in his Primary 7 team when I was coming to the end of Primary 6. He was such an extrovert and me a timid wee loon that I was real chuffed( as we used to say ). Couldnae believe he missed that penalty , thought we were in safe hands.


I see he's a Virgo in the Year of the Dog( Fire , Positive ). :P





He and his wife run a hotel in Nottinghamshire now a place called Elton on the Hill.


It may be this een:















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