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Wedding Speeches


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Doing a best man's speech tomorrow and looking for some(last minute) help. I have a speech written out which would do, but would appreciate any decent puns/one liners/hilarious jokes to spice it up. Any suggestions welcome.


I'm afraid you have to have a minimum of 1000 posts before you can ask for help on the OT board.


Get posting.



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Leaving it a bit late!


I did a best man speech last month, my first and hopefully last.


If you already have one written out which you think will be fine then it probably will be.


If you want a few corny one liners then just Google 'best man speech', loads of decent efforts online. Most important thing to remember is, everyone is on your side and WILL laugh no matter how shite the joke.


I would say the most important thing about the best man's speech is to humiliate the groom by regaling the crowd with the misdemeanors of his youth. Obviously don't go too far but definitely aim to embarrass him. His shame will be a source of humour to everyone.


Good luck.

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I've never done one but from what I've seen best thing is to just keep going. Only ones I've seen bomb are when the guy stops and waits for a laugh that's not coming then goes to shit. One of my wee bros mate did get a full on heckle (from a total knob) once but just kept going and went ok.

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