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Germany V Greece

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Rumour that Gomez, Muller and Podolski won't start.


Strange if true.


thats is weird. theyv been regulars in the competitive matches for a good couple o years now. altho in sayin that, klose isnt a bad replacement. and i presume Gotze, who is better than muller imo, would be playin in place of one of the other two. and maybe either kroos or reus to come in aswell, who are already top class players. the likes of reus would rip Greece a new arsehole. fantastic player. but aye thats definately strange if true, considerin theyv nae played below decent so far and still have a couple gears to move up to yet!

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Rumoured German line up:


Neuer, Boateng, Hummels, Badstuber, Lahm, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Reus, Klose, Schurrle


From the German media.


cana understand why, if they go with their usual formation, they arna geein Gotze a game! unless hes got some injury we dont know about of course, but hes twice the player Schurrle is, who is still quality like! they could be goin for a 4-4-2 of course, seein as Schurrle is mare o a striker.


still fancy them to take this by a few goals with this team!

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What a fucking goal by Lahm.


The change in personell is tactical and the right choice IMO. These players will be better at breaking down the greek defence whereas Muller and to an extent podolski like to run at players and I don't see that much opportunity for them to have done that tonight. Gomez would also have been man marked out the game.

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