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Huns And The Thing Huns Say

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Listening to 'Bomber' Brown's, what had to be drunken ramblings on the steps of Ibrox, one of the Loyal Berrs spontaneously, and for no apparent reason, howled something that I found interesting.


Interesting inasmuch as it didn't even appear to be any language I've ever heard before.


I've isolated that spontaneous, unsolicited, incoherent howl, and it's up to YOU to determine what language he was using, and what he was trying to say.... if anything.



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You are all wrong. What this gentleman (used in the loosest possible sense of the word) said, and I quote:


Waaaa naayanhsy fuanduebh usneynd


His major problem would appear to be that he has not evolved the complex vocal cords that we all take for granted. If he wasn't a Hun you would feel sorry for him.

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