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Fancy A Shot At Sports Media/journalism Whilst Promoting Youth Football?

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Do you dream of being the next Chick Young or Jim Traynor? :hysterical:


Youth Football Scotland are a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing the experience & confidence of young players around the country, improving participation in the sport and using football as a vehicle for education/employability.


Ahead of the 2012/13 season we are holding recruitment evenings across Scotland (with one in Aberdeen), looking for people to join our revamped journalism, video, radio and photography teams. The roles are voluntary but have a great deal of potential personal benefits (including certification through the Saltire Awards) as well as knowing you're making a difference to the future generations of aspiring players.


No great deal of experience is required, just enthusiasm. No regular commitment is needed, just a willingness to get involved. Right now our team has budding sports media professionals on the cusp of making it, high school students doing their work experience and people who just want to do a bit of volunteering and think watching football would be a fun way to go about it. Everyone really.


If this sounds like something that may interest you I'd encourage you to hit the link below and come along to one of our informational evenings. If you can't make any of them, we'd still like to hear from you.


Thanks for taking the time to read and if anyone wants to PM or reply with any questions, I'd be glad to answer.





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fine-n-dandy - I'm not sure if that was directed at us or just a general comment?


Also, forgot to point out... it will be taking place at Aberdeen Sports Village following matches between Aberdeen 14s & 16s against Dundee, so a good chance to watch some of the Dons youngsters beforehand.

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Hi guys,


Just a last call for Wednesday's event. Any questions, feel free to let me know. Please spread the word too, the more we get along, the better coverage youth football in the North East gets.


Also, if anyone's interested in the Denis Law Tournament, you can see reports/photos/videos here - http://www.youthfootballscotland.co.uk/news-a-media/featured-news/5336-denis-law-soccer-tournament-2012-match-centre

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