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Off The Ball Now On

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I know that. Just wondering what had happened to him. He must have a long summer holiday. He's one of the few that usually talk any sense on Sportsound.


Is he still a member on here?


Not sure if he is a member, but I dare say he pays the odd visit to gauge fans opinion, especially since the huns went into liquidation.

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Cunts never credited me for my Russell Chipalatapy suggestion ! Ban the BBC !


Very entertaining show though. THAT'S exactly how Scottish football should be represented. You think about how the Scottish footie fans are remember. It's the fun friendly fans (the bloke that kissed the hot blonde police woman in Euro 92 was it ?). All inclusive, none of this OF MSM bias bullshit...


Let's give Scottish football back to the REAL fans - not the counts walking away.

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