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Boiler Replacement


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Any of you lot recommend anyone in Aberdeen for Boiler replacement?


I have had BG round for a quote but before i sign the dotted line I fancy getting a few quotes to see if I could save myself enough to go with the little guy.


The boiler they quoted me for has mixed reviews, so wondering if i can get a better boiler for a better price.


Nae cheap like!

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Aye it shouldnt be more than 1200 - 1500 , BG are a rip off ,try some of the cheils fae oot the road or get hold of Charlie horse fa works for barratts , brilliant plumber who does cheap as fuck homers , company wise , try B&H Ritchie from Maud , they work in the toon often enough and do boiler servicing for half the price of BG.


Good luck whatever you decide

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Getting it replaced because they people we purchased the house from 6 years ago fitted a Ravenheat from B&Q. Pile of shit!!!!


I have Homecare and although it says that they will replace the boiler if needs be.... It's rare for something on a boiler to go wrong, that can't actually be repaired. Majority of parts are replaceable.


I just got sick of having these boneheads out almost on a weekely basis at one point. The clock was broken on it, and it took them 4 days to fix it.... annoying as fook!!!


Was quoted a hefty some by BG and the boiler in question is apparently a Baxi but on the got it states Potterton Promax 28+ so really dont know what would actually be going in!


Boy round the corner C and N Plumbing is Worcester approved.... anyone used him?

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This is the guy who did ours - best price from a few we tried and good guy. Fitted Worcester Bosch boiler which has been no problem at all.




Had this lad in my house today to upgrade my central heating, new boiler in loft and some new rads plus new piping for most of the system, good grafter like and clean with it, even put a sheet on the stairs, great price as well and he told me how to claim £400 back from the government for my old boiler. He's back tomorrow to finish but been spot on so far. Went with him after reading your post!


He likes a singalong to his radio is his only bad point!

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