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I listen to quite a number of different podcasts these days. However today I found myself with nothing new to listen to from my current subscriptions. I ended up downloading some episodes of Caustic Soda today. Its a podcast I've seen mentioned by a few people before but never got round to listening to it till today.


I listened to their episode on music this morning and now I'm listening to their recent one on zombies. It is three guys and a guest who basically chat about a topic that is either dark in itself or the dark side of it but do so in a not too serious funny style. I'm going to give their episodes on the Cold War a listen next.


I've discovered from part 2 of their zombies discussions of a perfect investment opportunity for Kelt - Z World Detroit


Anyone got any podcast recommendations they'd like to share.

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Give The Doghouse Bastards a go mate. Few local guys (originally from Thurso but on the doors down here) I know one of them from my bouley cruisin days haha.


They are quite often in the whats hot section of itunes. Listen to a few shows before making a decision on them, but i love it.


They have done about 78 shows and they broadcast live on a Monday night on uStream with webcams etc.


Hope you like it!

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