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Olympic Rehersal Screw Up

essex don

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apparently on last rehersal they gave the north koreans the south korean flag in error.

the koreans walked off in disgust and refused to come back out like greeting wee bairns.


Great start


It was in their first competitive game.....

and them walking off "like bairns".....given the history of the two Koreas, if they hadn't they'd likely find their families shot on their return to the country.

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Ahhh... I hooked one in.


Giffnock is detestable. It's where my father-in-law grew up and where one of my English acquaintances and ex-colleagues who got mega rich following an MBA and an inspired business plan resides. Other than the chinese restaurant with the name "One" in it, it's got nothing commendable at all.


Bearsden is also "commended". It's shite. Milngavie was where I first stayed when I relocated there in August 1988 and that was a hell-hole too. I left there within 2 weeks and picked up a flat next to Ibrox with a radio rental landlady and some of the roughest pubs on the planet (The Grapes) as our locals but it was more real than those prententious wankers.


We bought and sold a lovely property in Pollokshields. The problem with it was the location. Glasgow. The place is pure shite.



Ah, it's cos you're jealous of your ex colleague. Got you

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It's such a fuck up that it's only fuckwit people working within fuckwit organisations can make.


Scotland is my domicile of choice but it's with warts and all.


This is an embarrassment for Scotland but it's not an embarrassment on me.


I've always known that the Scottish population are largely made up by retards.


But they are MY retards. Apart for Fifers and weegies of course. They are just pure shite but they do serve a valuable function.


Thank fuck we're not from Lochgelly, Ruchazie, Cardenden, Giffnock, Cowdenbeath, Bishopbriggs, Kirkcaldy or Castlemilk.


Where HAVE you been all this time Rocket? laughing.gif

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Comical! :) The Kazakstanis were dignified. North Korea threw their toys out the pram.


and them walking off "like bairns".....given the history of the two Koreas, if they hadn't they'd likely find their families shot on their return to the country.


That's probably not that far fetched as much as it could sound like it!

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Jeez. Thank you so much. That's amazing. You've taught me so much about myself. You are truly a friend for life. My hatred for a shite suburb of a shite city with shite weather and shite people was all based on jealousy. I never knew that. The only thing he had going for him was an excellent North East woman as a wife. I suppose I wanted her instead of my own too?


Get real cunt. Explain your defence for guffnock.


Reeled you in...



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Yeah, IRONOC indeed chief ;).


On topic, the fact of the matter is - Hampden have blamed London for it, saying London sent the DVD to them, so they did their job by playing it and they aren't to blame.


Really? Jesus.

No one with a bit of fore thought think, "hang on a second...".


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Aye, that's ok then.


If someone had put some porn on the DVD they'd have played that too, no their fault eftir all.


I think they might have spotted porn as inappropriate - probably wouldn't have had a walk-off though.


I suspect identification of national flags was not considered an absolute requirement to load a dvd player.


Can you identify the flag of senegal compared to rwanda - do they have a national beef - i don't know. If the information is accurate fault lies with the producer of the dvd - who presumably selected korea, south by mistake (or for a laugh).

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