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Davide Grassi

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Dundee are going to go down with a record low points total, some of their signings are very bizarre.


To be fair, what time have they had?

They'd signed a few players thinking they were going to be a First Division one team.

Who else have they signed?

Although I also think they are a stick on to be relegated.

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He was much more suited to the lower Italian game. You get far more time on the ball and that's clearly what he'd learned. Maybe from his spell here he's sharpened up a wee bit and might do well for Scumdee. I hope not though. Fine lad but fuck Dundee!

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He was a liability in defence for us, as he liked time on the ball and was far too slow.


When moved to midfield, I thought he was a useful player. Technically he wasn't that bad.


If he is to be playing left back for them though, I'd expect Pawlett/Hayes/McGinn to get a lot of joy when we play them.

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