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Good luck with this thread.



Only the joyless can hate on the Aquabats.


Lookit them.. Lookit their little faces!




...and just between you and me, there's a pretty good chance that''s going to be my outfit for Halloween. Just need to learn to Dance like The Bat Commander to really put the humiliations on the wife when we go to the inevitable parties this year.


She puts up with a lot, if I'm to be entirely honest :)



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Not in the slightest. The allegations were never proven anyway, and I'm delighted to say that those days are behind me now.


They are, in fact, Mormons.


The Aquabats, I mean.


Makes me want to go live without electricity, because I confuse the Mormons with the Amish.


They're all fucking weird... aside from the Aquabats.



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Holy shit.


Well, given that the fine people of the land that you inhabit are probably about to appoint one of them President, I guess we should all be learning whatever we can about the Mormons.


Can we expect Romney to perform latex outfit-based children's comedy routines, or will he stick to administering matters of state, albeit with the help of an angel named Moron?

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