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A Thread Of Awesome Pictures

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Seen the 360 degree pic fae the new rover, canna post it due to being on ma phone, looks quite cool tho. Also if anyone can get it, there's a gif/video o a space probe called Deep Impact, it shot a missile intae a comet just to see what happened, was watchin the video on a Discovery Channel documentary where you saw the missile's POV as it went in...

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paranormal activity 4 dog. a great series of films.


the old photos are barry. the snowball fight and spray on tan, the tan probably had lead in it for a lasting duskiness.


my great grandad had an owl and a monkey. mental back then, but cool.


At St Basils in Moscow you can have your picture taken with a monkey, or many monkeys. There's a dude with a whole bunch of semi-feral monkeys....


The wife was talking to him while I was watching the dudes who are dressed as Marx, Czar Nicholas and Trotsky doing their thing.


Anyway, she comes over to me and says she's going to get a picture of her taken holding a monkey for like 10 or 15 bucks, I forget how much, so I go over and hand the guy the cash... then he loads all these other semi-feral monkeys onto the wife's head and shoulders, and starts demanding more cash.. like 10 or 15 buck per monkey.


"You can go and fuck yourself, you chancing twat" was my response, but he wasn't giving up... "You pay! You pay!" he's saying, and I'm all, "Get yourself to fuck. You're getting fuck all else aff me."


Meanwhile the monkeys are going fucking berserk on the wife, scratching and throttling and pulling her hair.. and she's all, "Just give him money and get these monkeys off me!" and I'm like, "Not a fucking chance. He's trying to fuck us over for cash money American."


Eventually I gave the guy the cash at the behest of my screaming wife, but generally I won't give in to these sorts of street-trading scam artists, but would sooner send them on their way with a size 12 boot clean up their jakey arses.


The wife being savaged by monkeys, though, that was a special case.


What I'm saying is... the guy with the monkeys... if you see him just know what his angle is beforehand. and secondly see if you can get about 60 bucks American off the cunt, because I havnae forgot the bastard owes me.

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