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The Upcoming Israel-Iran War


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Every tin-pot country has already kicked off against Israel. More than once. They've always come out on top. Looking at the situation purely from one of military capability and resources (and putting aside the who's wrong/who's right who can expect to die tonight) there's not a country in the region, or collection of countries, with the sophistication necessary to make a serious retaliatory move against Israel. Their Command & Control, tactical and strategic capabilities far outstrip even Iran and save for a few modern Anti-Aircraft (Russian) toys, they have a few antiquated F-4s and juryrigged F-14s (of Top Gun fame) that can offer only token resistance.


Frying a few electronics might not sound like much, but these are the bleeding edge of Iran's cutting-edge technology. It's expensive and it's not especially easy - or cheap - for them to replace if someone blows it up. Taking it out all but guarantees putting Iran's various projects back a good few years. Never underestimate the appeal of breathing room.

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We're probably long overdue the routine 'Thinning of the Herd' in the shape of a major conflict.


Ordinarily I wouldn't imagine bombing Iran will have too much potential for a major conflict... Iran just doesn't have the capacity to fight a modern war. Human waves don't have much effect against stand-off weapons.


On the other hand, I believe the Iranians have Sunburns and Skvall, which might just make the shit hit the fan if they're deployed successfully.


And, of course, there's the missiles they bought from the Ukranians. Fuck knows what kind of warheads are bolted onto those missiles, but I kind of suspect they rhyme with 'Practical Puke'.... and they have about a dozen of them.


That'll spoil your Saturday morning if the Iranians choose to launch a couple of those at an American Carrier Group.


If you're between the ages of 18 and 25, I'd head for Switzerland if it kicks off.

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