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Dundee: Top Of The League

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Unemployment in Dundee has risen to its highest level since 1998 with more than 6,000 people in receipt of job seekers allowance.


Official figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) put the city's unemployment rate at 6.5%.


Politicians have claimed that Dundee now has the highest rate out of Scotland's four biggest cities.



Dundee - 6.5 %

Glasgow - 6.1%

Edinburgh - 3.3 %

Aberdeen - 2.3 %






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You class buskers, Big Issues sellers and young kids trying to make a pound as 'scum' ?????



F&D is very well to do Rumpus. (Posh)


I think they're scum as well as it happens. The ones not from where they're begging anyway. Never met an Aberdonian Big Issue seller in Aberdeen in my life. :ThumbsDown:

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