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Pawlett Joins St Johnstone

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Hopefully the boy will get a good run and comes back in some good form.


Hopefully we can recall him at any time if injuries take a grip like they usually do.


Not sure how I feel about this. Its a good chance for him to get more game time, but he was a good option for us to have. I thought he did very well when he came on last night.

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By benefit of not being at Aberdeen means he has a 300% less change of being injured while training, so that's a bonus.


Hopefully there is some sort of provision which allows the club to terminate the loan at any point in the season in case we come up short in the wider areas.

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this is what i mean, its fucking mental


we play wingers now...but we only had 3...


now we have 2 and one of thems only a youngster...


fucking thick thing to do


what's to say we aren't making room to bring in another BETTER winger?



I like Pawlett but I think this is a good move for both him and the club. He can come back a better player

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here we go again, pantomime humour


i honestly do wish ill against you


I wish you nothing but full health and success in your future career.


I don't think any less of you for your loss of composure.


The offer of popping into 'Tup's Corner' stands, despite your antipathy.

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Good opportunity for him to prove himself but can't help feeling disappointed. I think it's obvious when fit he has got the ability; a very useful player to have in the squad and we are too thin on the ground to be letting players like him leave to other SPL teams.


However, if this is a move to bring in another winger or creative player then I will eat my words.

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Murra raises a good point. He might not get much more game time with St J.


I'm not to sure about this tbh. I think I'd like to see us either getting these fringe players really in the zone and pushing for the team every week so we have some proper competition for places. Its not like there are 3 other right wingers sitting ahead of him in the pecking order.


I'm sure it'll be good for Pawlett if he gets games but will it be good for us? I'm not so sure.

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