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I've just "completed" Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood tonight. I say put completed in quotes as despite completing the storyline according to the game I've only completed 79.5% of the game. There were a few side quests I skipped out on and while I did the majority of them I don't think I can be bothered going back to finish the remaining 20.5% of the game.


As well as the side quests there are the utterly demoralising and boring collection portions to the game. I think we've all encountered them before - collect 100 of these things which are scattered throughout the game. Where exactly is the fun and enjoyment to be had for these side quests? I imagine the only people who do them are obsessive compulsive types who sit there with maps printed out infront of them so they can systematically collect everything.


Even in the main missions you can't 100% complete in a lot of them unless you do exactly as the games says.


Maybe I'm old fashioned when it comes to game but all I want is a decent game with a plot that makes the game worth playing. Once I've been through the story I can't see the appeal in going back to complete all the other crap.


Is there anyone on here that has bothered to 100% complete a game like Assassin's Creed or are you like me and consider completing the main storyline the true objective?

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Only completed one of these types of games recently and that was far cry 2 on the Xbox. Think I was around 80%. I reckon only someone with a true obsessive type of character can complete the first person games 100%, I've not got the time or inclination. I did complete need for speed hot pursuit 100% but completing a racing game is considerably easier and less time consuming.

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i got the platinum for AC2 and it almost killed me.


with the 100% thing, i tend to find it im enjoying a game, i dont want it to end. and alot of the time, when i get the credits, im not ready to stop playing, but likewise i dont want to start the whole thing from scratch and lose all the progress.


so, with likes of AC2, once i finished, i set about getting all the markers to fill in the story of adam and eve, do all the combat missions, renovate the castle fully and get all 250 feathers.


the 1st 3 parts werent that bad and i enjoyed continuing the experience. but the feathers....oh my god the feathers. i did just as you said there, i had the map out on the screen and systematically got every single feckin feather because once i started, i was committed to getting that platinum. id come so close that i physically couldnt bring myself to not see it through to the end.


ironically, its ruined assassins creed for me because i just dont want to do all that again.


the other one that skull fucked me was infamous. completed the game, loved every minute of it so immediately restarted the game but going the evil route to see what happened this time. whilst doing the evil portion, decided to get all the sparks to drag out the game a bit longer. completed it fully again but still had a few dozen sparks to get, so again out came the map.


the only downside to infamous over AC2 is AC at least tells you how man feathers remain in a specific area. once youve finished that area, it tells you so. infamous doesnt. so i collected what i thought was every single spark only to find id missed ONE in this massive map. so checked every location a 2nd time. still couldnt find it. thats when i started to rage.

copied the map into paint and for a 3rd time, started in the bottom corner and systematically checked every location. once checked, put a black dot over the map location till i eventually found the 1 remaining piece....at which point :PING: platinum trophy.


another example, take batman. every man and his dog on here knows i just about blew my load inside out when i 1st played arkham asylum so i gleefully jumped through every hoop to drag every last ounce of story i could out of that game, and it was worth it. arkham city i did the same thing (although im still to platinum that one because the campaign missions are fucking difficult).


fallout 3, another one ive got 100%. must have ploughed nearly 60 hours into that game to do it twice, but again, i had no qualms about doing it because it felt as though the developers really put a lot of effort into making the game world that huge that i was getting the reward of doing something i would have otherwise missed out on without being forced to do something.


after all that i do agree that the 100% thing is a hideous concept if not done right. prince of persia, the cell shaded one is a prime example. i started playing that again recently and thought i like this game, ill try to get all 1000 seeds scattered about. ive given up again because while the game is decent, but it does not merit that amount of my time because you can tell its padding. getting all the seeds does not contribute to the gaming experience in this instance

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I've actually just gone back and started playing some of the old games for PS One, like the original Resident Evil... Sure the graphics are a bit mince compared to modern day but that and the original Tomb Raider's are the sort of level of intensity I want to play in a game - they were extremely novel for their time, but games should never be a chore...

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