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Aberdeen V Inverness Ct

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Thought I'd kick off the match thread for Saturday.


I'm planning on heading up to the game. Will be my first time in Inverness.


So on that note, hoping to get some useful info from people :)


  • How long will it take to drive up from Aberdeen?
  • What is the away car-park like for size and availability. If poor are there other car parking areas nearby?
  • Will it be pay at the gate?
  • Any good pubs near to the ground?


On a match note:


I reckon we will stick with the current system (Rightly so in IMO). I would have dropped Vernon for St Mirren game but we didn't.


Everyone has had the international break. I would stick with Vernon, however if it's clearly not working make the change early in the 2nd half and give someone else a go. Is Fallon fit? I think he would be a good option for the formation, despite being a worse footballer to Vernon.


Confident of a nice 3-0 win for the Dons... :tumbleweed:


Thanks in advance folks :thumbup1:

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Couple of hours in the car imo.


There is an ace pub called the Keg right next to the train station but that's about a 20 minute walk from the ground. Last time I was in there they were selling 6 bottles of Magners for a tenner :drink:


The car parking is shit, you'll probably need to launch your motor on the grassy bit at the side of the road next to the Stadium.

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I'll go for us finally hitting the goal trail on this one.


4-1 Dons


with goals coming from (& in this order) Vernon-Hayes-Vernon- (maybe ICT then) & finally Cammy Smith to break his duck for us properly :thumbs:


Wonder what odds you'd get on that bet?



Edit: Actually (thinking about it) Anderson may slip in on the action at some point to make it 5 from a corner.


Game's in the bag :sheepdance:

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