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Kings Of Leon


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Mondeo man music


:) Well put, when I saw the title I immediately despaired at how people can be into bland pish like this, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, its all souless talentless meaningless pish! It makes me feel like an old fogey when I'm grateful I grew up with the music I did, and can barely think of a a band to come out in the last 10 years, that I'd want to listen to, I'm sure there are some, and I just haven't searched enough.

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thats kinda what im getting at though


whos ur taste in music?


Don't listen to much music these days MT. I have a few songs on my phone - from KLF, Stone Roses and Calvin Harris.

My ipod sits and gathers dust in my car until I'm in a good mood, like tomorrow because it is Friday, and I'll blast maybe Idlewild or Badly Drawn Boy.

I also have Ibiza tunes from the 90s if I want to go tits mental.


But I'm more of a Radio 4 fan now. Words is where it is at.

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chris martins a multi-millionaire, exploiting his talent to the utmost


what have you done?




Come on! What purpose is that bringing to the debate.


I think he's a cunt because him and his band were getting interviewed and he decided to walk away in some sort of spoilt brattish strops and leave his band to do the rest of the interview.



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They might as well cover 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore' or 'Kum Ba Yah My Lord' such is the happy-clappy theme running through everything they produce, with references to Jerusalem and all that pish in their 'stirring' verses.


It's just fucking drivel, highly pretentious fucking drivel, and they deserve a good kicking for producing it.

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They are selling this shit by the millions though tup. Someone likes it.


Aye, Mondeo man, who has no opinion on anything, and simply lays his hand on whatever is given the most prominence in the record store, and which disna contain swearwords or satanic references that might upset Tarquin and Farquhar as they get driven to school in the back seat of the Mondeo estate.

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They have a fucking orchestra in the background.


It's one step away from a high school remake of Grease.


Gaylord music of the highest order.


I reckon Martin was picked on at school, he has that way about him, he's quite geeky and can be mildly funny, which is a defence mechanism against bullies to avoid a repetition of the two black eyes the normal kids would have given him on his first day in high school.


I know myself that if one of the kids I used to bully at school could crack a decent joke mid-bullying there's a fair chance I'd leave him alone and move on to the next unfortunate.

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