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Best Book About Afc

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This is my first post so I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum etc.


I'd like to know what the best book about Aberdeen FC is. Ideally it would cover our history and, at the same time be relatively up to date. I'm not so much interested by stats more like stories or match reports.


I did Google and Amazon this question so although I've looked at plenty of books, there aren't many reviews available.


Thank you in advance.

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I have 2 copies of 'The Don', not read them yet though, worried he might just big big up 'Skippers' in it.


Bloody Casuals is good, better than that Dan Rivers drivel.


I did enjoy Bloody Casuals.


Made the mistake of loaning it to a weegie, and it came back covered in Christ knows what sort of unidentifiable foreign matter.


Nice picture of JA on the back cover, wearing a bit of a stripey jumper if I recall correctly.


Down there at the train station....


...lovely stuff.

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