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Glory Of Gothenburg Vhs

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So I was clearing out my loft and found not one but two copies of The Glory of Gothenburg on VHS. Having two copies is absolutely pointless and I don't think its worth anything, so I figured this is as good a place as any to find it a loving home. Would anybody like the second copy for free?


On a related note, I don't have a VHS player anymore nor do I want one. Don't suppose anyone has the hardware to convert it to a digital format?




Edit- just noticed the typo in the title. Oops.

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So this never got taken and I'm getting rid of it plus a bunch of other stuff on freecycle. Thought I'd give another shout out here as would much prefer it went to a genuine dandy as opposed to a random opportunist who might try and sell it. Free to anyone who wants to collect it from Rosemount.

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Did anyone buy the SPL Years DVD in the club shop recently? I got it as it was only £7, actually really enjoyed it, some great wins over the OF on there, and some great memories, the sad bit is, its not just 20/30 years ago we are shite compared to, its even 10 years back!

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Sorry to pull up an old thread. I have this on VHS but I can't watch it and really want to see it again... Did anyone manage to get this onto DVD or better yet a video file of it they can transfer over to me?


Cheers if anyone can help.

Another request for the same here. I've got a VHS of it at work and it bugs me every time I see it that I haven't got a video player.

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