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Seems a few others had spotted it to :) Cheers for posting RUL, interesting, I was checking their score during the Dunfermline match, and was surprised they were getting hammered, as normally do pretty well down there, often lose but only by the odd goal, think it was 4-3 last year, could be that the incident had an effect on them.

As a by the way, I love that away strip, looked at getting the shirt online, but cheapest I could find was

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Yea nice top. European club shirts are ridiculous. Was in Munich last week and went into that shop on the Marienplatz, looking for €70 for most tops. Wasn't gonna buy one anyway but thought it was pretty dear all the same.


Lazio are a decent side but doubt they can maintain a title challenge. they'll be fighting it out for the last CL spot or Europa league. Think Juve will walk the league.


When Lazio signed Klose last summer it had to be one of the deals of the window, free transfer!

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