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Im Feeling Fairly Abusive


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Na, im just bored. Also, you know how scottish and british people say "hi wanker" when they meet their friends? Well, americans dont do that.....i think im just missing some abusive banter.....and inappropriate jokes.


ah. in that case, maybe head out onto the street and give a "hey asshole, how's it hanging?" to the next guy you see. :thumbs:

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Hello there. I live in Japan where people are also very polite and reserved so if you'd like some abusive 'friendly fire' then I'm your huckleberry.


So, without further ado:

Fuck aff ya yank wannabe cunt - got a vote bet ya aint ya fakka!


Go an wank a dog off ya old cat cunts face ye.


Hope that this helps.


Good day to you Sir.

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