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Guess The Sweeties In The Sevco Jar Contest

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The whole proposal is full of holes. They say they need money for investment in the playing squad, they have a transfer embargo. Investment in the facilities, they are a third div team with a 50,000 seat stadium they are quick to point out is the only uefa elite stadium in Scotland and they have a training complex.


The real reason this dick needs other folks cash is that he is putting nothing in himself. The 5.5 mil he bought them with is a loan and now he wants other folks money to stop them spiralling into adimistration again as they vastly overspend their way through the arse end of Scottish football.


No serious investor will put any money in, it'll be the mass of knuckle dragging orcs that'll buy shares so they'll only raise about 3 mil max.


That's not be even mentioning his vast over estimate in the value of the club. What exactly has he done to it since he bought it to quadruple its value? He's a charlatan and hopefully he scams these morons out of all their cash and buggers off into the distance.

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