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2016 Euros Scotland Team

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With our WC hopes crushed, I guess we now build for the Euros. Do we pluck out some of the U-21s and get them in the full squad because 3 or 4 years is a long, long time and we could have a really solid squad together for then.


GK -

RB - Ryan Jack

CB -

CB -

LB - Paul Dixon

RM - Ryan Fraser

CM - Fraser Fyvie

CM - James McArthur

LM - Kris Commons

CF - Tony Watt

CF - Jordan Rhodes or Kenny fucking Miller if speccy is still here.

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GK - McGregor or Gordon if he regains form

RB - Anyone that does not have the letters H,u,t,t,o,n in his name. Nice guy. Athletic guy. Shite footballer in the modern age. McNaughton be up for it still?

CB - Almost tempted to say Russell. By this I mean a Russellesque calming presence around which we should build a defence. If anyone finds such a defence please contact J.Scott, Managers office, 1 Todders street. For the absence of doubt a complete fucking bombscare like Caldwell who occasionally does play disappointing well need not apply.

CB - See above

LB - Players used to the vagaries of the third division in February need not apply. Lee Wallace and David T should have this explained to them using picture books if required. What will their agents do, complain to the SFA?

RM - Ryan Fraser / Snodgrass

CM - Darren Fletcher

CM - James McArthur (wasn't convinced but I'll give inexperience the benefit of the doubt). Brown does the break up job very well if his body holds out.

LM - Ross McCormack. Warming to the theme of three CMs in a triangle plus a flair winger. McCormack, Fraser and Snodgrass all similar stylees. Mackay Stephen too allegedly.

CF - Steven Fletcher - depends how he deals with the next 8 meaningless fixtures. Having now seen Mackie in full flow, hopefully Fletcher will be committed as fuck, or we are truely!

CF - Jordan Rhodes.

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