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Dundee - Caley

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Game is on BBC Alba at 10pm tonight. Hopefully the goals keep flying in so it'll be worth watching.


Almost a given that they will be relegated this season. Its a shame, they were brought into the SPL right at the last minute so its no wonder. I blame the idiots and morons who run our league.


I feel sorry for Barry Smith. Seemed to be doing a decent job at Dundee and was then thrust into the SPL. Heard a few morons call into shows like Your Call and say he should be sacked which would be completely harsh on him.

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My dislike for Stoorie Brae Bluebell has not long ago celebrated our silver anniversary.Fuck them and fuck that brickies labourer of a goalie.I'd also add Albert Kidd to the list but I won't out of respect of a poster on here who says he's an allright mucker.

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