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Speakers + Sub For Under

Big Man

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I'm in the market for some budget speakers and a sub-woofer. Preferably for under £100.


I've been looking at logitech (Z506's). What do the audiophile cunts on here recommend? Or what does everyone else use?










May not have a separate sub but the bass is OK. I got mine in PC World for £69.99.


If your device ain't got Bluetooth but got usb you'll need an adaptor , there's a boy selling them on Amazon for £1.38 , inc. P&P !


In fact , in getting the URL , I notice it's doon tae 99p !



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Comin' fae the country is being granted pole position , a distinct advantage , a heid start , one of god's chosen few.






But it is certainly possible to fuck it up !

So true Phoen min, luckily I havn't, which is why I can lord it over imbeciles like "Big" man & Redstar :thumbup1:

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So true Phoen min, luckily I havn't, which is why I can lord it over imbeciles like "Big" man & Redstar :thumbup1:











I think I might have , fatshaft.....more times than I care to remember but apparently , 'It wisnae me , it wis ma neurons'. The neurologists are telling us we are not as 'in control' as we think we are.


Onywye , if it disnae kill us , it maks us stronger....jist pick yersel up , dust yersel doon.....and stert a' oo'er again. :scarf:






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