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Cyanide And Happiness

Karl Fletcher

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They're fucking shocking.



The first is glorifying Doctors touching up patients before murdering them to keep his name intact.


Karl expects us to approve of the others also. A mixture of submissive sexuality, a tasteless ditty laughing at people with brain tumors and revelling in violence against women....



How on earth this guy is viewed as being 'nice' is beyond me.


i could watch your avatar's squishy manatee snout bounce off glass for ages. :)


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Doctor feels the patients tits while under anaesthetic, she wakes up and catches him. He kills her to cover his tracks.


Come on Tup, your better than that.


That's kind of what I thought.


I just wanted confirmation.


Karl Fletcher possesses a sick and twisted sense of humour if he thinks that would be funny in real life.

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