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Keeper On Trial

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Thought we had no budget left? or is he going to come in on Browns wages when he gets punted in january?

Personally I would be happy to see out the season with CLangers and investing the wages on the outfield, and having faith in the young lad Rogers as back up. Never before have I been so excited about youth players coming through, I really think we should roll with it as we seem to have a good balance of experience in our ranks with the likes of Anderson, Rae etc

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At 21 years of age & 183cm & only 65kg, I'm guessing he will not walk into the first team any time soon if he gets a contract. :angry:


If he's a replacement for Brown then Clangers is fkn laughing & will only get worse knowing he has fk all to worry about in terms of competition for his place.


Why is Clangers allowed such an easy fkn ride at our club?

Oh yeah, it's cos Jim Leighton is a fkn retarded cock & is looking after his mate.

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Meanwhile New Zealander, Te Atawhai Maurice Hudson Wihangi, who is a friend of Rory Fallon, has also been making use of the training facilities here at Pittodrie.


Hope he isn't religious like Big Rory, we don't need too many God Squaders disrupting the team spirit at the club, trying to baptise everyone and singing hymns and whatnot.




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