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Fans Promo 7Th Nov

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Some of you may already be aware of a 4 page ad going into the Citizen paper on 7th Nov. the function of which is to entice additional fans along on match days. Bigger crowds will create a better atmosphere which will in turn give us better results.

Dundee on Saturday were there to be taken apart IMO and would have been if the support had been more vociferous.


I believe the club has tried, the press has tried (in its own way) but the most effective message will come from those who are already going. Us, in other words. Here's your chance.


The 4 page pull-out will be a collective message to the stay-at-homes. We have a great chance this season to do something special, we should try to maximise on this opportunity.


So what do you have to do? Simply email me your quote, comment or message. Include your name, age, where you live and even a photo if you wish. If you want to keep it more anonymous that's fine as well, we could simply attribute your comment to your Avator and address it as AFC Chat. It's your comments that are important.



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Agreed, hope it works!


Cheers lads, just needs the final touches and it's ready.


56,000 copies go out, although I know they don't all find a letterbox, so it should be a fairly strong message. As I said feel free to email your message. Could be something like....


Stan Free (28) Seaton






"Great time to be a dons fan, great entertainment right now!"







? ? Afc Chat

" We're on the brink of something right now, get along and help make it happen!"




The more comments the more forceful the message!



First comment received from a Chat member!

Ideally we would have a complete section but that's maybe a big ask.


Guests / lurkers are free to email as well. You don't have to be registered wi the forum to email me

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