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In this hypothetical situation, you've gone to the zoo to see the animals in their cages. Maybe throw rocks at the monkeys, if they poke their stupid fucking heads up from behind that stupid fucking tree that they're ALWAYS fucking hiding behind...


...anyway, you're walking past the Den-O-Grizzlies, and some silly bastard throws himself into aforementioned den right before your very eyes.


What do you reckon you would do?


Some possibilities might be to try launching a bottle of coke off the bear's heid from a safe distance, or maybe screaming helplessly like a blouse. That's two of the options taken by the folks in this next video... สัตว์ทำร้ายคน หมีกัดคน.




Do you think you could possibly chin the bear, or at least catch it off guard with a clumsily executed flying drop kick, startling it long enough to pull the retarded dude to safety?


The bear seemed seriously pissed off, so I'm not sure that your traditional 'yell and wave your arms to frighten it off' strategy would do much more than see you dragged off for a brutal mauling inna.

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