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37 The "happiest" Age For Men


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The happiest time of a man's life is around age 37 - when they have climbed the career ladder and started a family, a new study has found. It is an age by which most men are settled in a happy relationship and have formed a close circle of friends with which to socialise. The dreaded 'mid-life crisis' is still a decade away and their troubled angst-ridden teens are a fading memory.




There's a number of (not wholly surprising) key moments that make a man happy. But day to day, these are apparently the things that will put a smile on your face:


1. Eating a favourite lunch (29 per cent)

2. Self gifting DVDs, clothes and technology (28 per cent)

3. Hanging out with friends (27 per cent)

4. An innocent flirt (26 per cent)

5. A decent tea/coffee (22 per cent)

6. A surprise dinner from a woman in his life (20 per cent)

7. Having time to read the news (11 per cent)

8. Getting a new top score on a computer game/app (8 per cent)

9. Receiving a text (5 per cent)

10. Catching up with friends via social media (3 per cent)


Hope y'all enjoyed your lunches today! :dance:


I'm 54; are there no results for getting your jollies? You new age guys are a mystery to me sheepdance.gif

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of course there is.




So close to true for me, sadly I was married to a witch, and while at 37 everything else was in place, my life's goals hadn't included marriage to a practitioner of the black arts. Otherwise though, a very good time in my life :thumbup1:


Were you married to a hun fatshaft? it sounds like it.

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And you never realised this before FS?


Were you on drugs?

Nope, dinna dei drugs min. Naively thought it didna matter, I got that very wrong, it mattered a lot, not so much when still here, but when I climbed the greasy pole (not the same one as poofon ldo) her minkerness became more and more embarrassing as she refused to adapt to her new surroundings.

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Some friendly advice. You go on like she was evil and you were unlucky to have been with her. The truth is that you selected her for marriage and kid-bearing so either she suddenly turned evil at a certain moment in time, overnight, like a metamorphosis or you didn't see her as evil for many years of your life. You must take responsibility for the breakdown of your marriage, at least to acknowledge that you selected a wrong un for you. People change over time and nobody can be expected to believe that it was all her fault. Maybe she grew to see you as a pompous arse or a loser and maybe she fell in love with someone else, I don't fucking know but to go on and on about her like you do stems from patent bitterness which again proves that you have failed to come to terms with it, reconciled it properly within yourself and compartmentalised it before moving on. It appears that you need to look within.

Nope it was that, I picked a wrong un, not that I wasn't warned, just that I was getting extremely regular sex and had a prolonged lapse in judgement.




I disagree. I don't recognise platonic as a concept. If it's female, it's fuckable.

Disagree entirely, I have good friends of a female persuasion who do not, and will never come into that category.
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Anyway, those bottom three 'happy moments' are a bit gay.gif


the happiest moments are in the link (moments like getting married, proposing, getting a new car, having a child). the list i posted was just to be those things that, on a daily basis, might put a smile on your face. and depending on what the text says, i expect a man might break out into a wee smirk :P

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