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When Was The Last Time?


Is he even a Dons fan?  

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  1. 1. Roughly

    • 15-20 years ago
    • 10-15 years ago
    • 5-10 years ago
    • The Copenhagen game
    • A game after that
    • Never

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I ken a lad from bluto's neck of the woods and word on the street there is that he had no mates and thought he'd go to another country to get a clean slate.


Now he's anonymous, with no mates.


Huge psychological difference there.


Man U is his emotional crutch.


Nah, he's down the battle cruiser every night with his pals.


God knows what his wife is doing when he's away....

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The place is called Delft.


He moved to Holland to star in hardcore gay porno videos.


That's were all the affa bonnie pottery is from. Now when I think of Bluto I won't be picturing him in the Battle Cruiser smoking a joint with some of his Dutch firm, he'll be making pottery a la Ghost and Patrick Swayzie.

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the big bad world too scary for a wet behind the ears highland mummys boy like you, eh.


No, I'm just saying.


The coloured lads were very approachable actually so it's fair to say you should never judge a book by it's cover.


Here was me thinking they were a bunch of shady illegal immigrants selling hard drugs.


First impressions last.

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