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Afc And Our Debt

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Would I buy in again? No fucking chance, for the simple reason in your sub-heading - options for SM.


Unlike stoney, I wasn't looking to make money on the shares and I knew at the time it was an emotional, not a financial investment.


AFC has been run with an agenda by our rat chairman for over a decade and a half. That agenda isn't right.


As long as we employ a ridickleeous number of non-productives and waste the limited revenues that we have, I'll never trust the man again.


It was only recently that he got rid of Miller, a binning that was years overdue and an appointment that never should have been.


I wasnt looking to make money on them! Already bought two lots of shares, lost a good sum of money! Why should i buy more, to line a directors pockets like the last lot did.


I'd much rather continue to put money directly into the youth setup and by-pass the club completely. Have seen nothing (on the pitch) to justify any more investement directly to the club.

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I wouldnt, tis no more than good money after bad.


Unless the debt was being cut to under 3 or 4m then its a pretty pointless exercise IMO. Anything above that and all we'd be doing is servicing the debt for a year or two.

This pretty much.


Would about cover continued losses for that year and do nothing else.

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I'd like to see AFC come up with something a bit more creative than a share issue which every fan (should) know is never going to return you any cash...


Particularly if there's a new stadium doing stuff like (just off the top of my head) a seat for life for 10 grand (with your name on it) which may or may not be transferable... I'm sure you get the sort of idea... Have some long term ideas for a new beginning...


But I have no intention of lining any directors pockets if they aren't able to match or better the investment of the fans... And no I'm not giving anymore money to Milne...

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Even if 10,000 supporters wrote checks for 200 quid each, we'd still only be paying off a fraction of the debt.


The problem is the man at the top, Stewart Milne, has no idea what in the fuck he's doing.


The financial health of the club is evidence of that.


The fact we've won no trophies for close to two decades, Milne's entire tenure, is some more evidence.


The 'New Stadium' fiasco, a little more evidence.


The ineptitude shown when hiring and firing managers, more evidence.


The pishing away of share issue funds, the lack of investment in infrastructure, the incompetent fashion in which contracts are handed out then torn up... and on and on and on.


How do I word this...


...One would have to be out of one's fucking mind to even consider investing in AFC so long as Stewart Milne is Chairman, or, in fact, in any way associated with Aberdeen Football Club.


Short version, no.


Although I have, in the past, suggested doing just that.



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I've said for a while now I'd like to see Milne, and perhaps some other of the wealthier investors where they challenge the fans to raise a sum, and lets say we raise 2 million over 6 months, they'll match it twice. (4 million) meaning we'd collectively clear 6 million. I can understand why Milne doesn't want to pay his money to clear the debt but if we all did it together then it would show just how much the cub means to the fans and if we only raised 500,000 then we'd have to shoulder some of the blame for not clearing it!

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I'd happily invest, but it should be done soon, not as part of a Hearts-esque begging letter with the club on the edge of ruin.


I would also look for assurances that the directors were matching our funding, that there were clear and sensible plans for the money, and that at least some of the money raised would be spent on the footballing side.


Good idea IMO, but requires careful execution.

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I think the club would be completely out of order to even think of suggesting this. Milne and his cronies have got us into this mess and paying money in now would be like pissing it away. I'm not saying investments in football clubs normally bring a return but there is a big difference between investing cash that will keep the club healthy for years to come (if invested wisely) and just handing over cash to be pissed away within months and see the club back at the same level of debt again.

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Think the club is missing out on a good bit of revenue not taking on the broadhill bar. Its not much but you always have scope for fund raising events there too.


Like the idea of having a temp shop open in the centre but imo should be a full time shop that is also capable of selling tickets.


Finally - advertising! If your not an aberdeen fan, theres little or no mention that theres a game on!


Would save us having to stump up more cash

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