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Based upon this short clip... anyone want to try figuring out what this is all about?


I have a couple of theories but, as always, I'm interested to hear what other Dons supporters think about important stuff like this.


Explain away, amigos.


Explain away...





The guy is a Pole Vaulter.


Although I thought your name vos Kelt.

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My first impression was that it was a satirical play on the state of social medicine.


Naked cripples have to drag themselves around the place, and if they want to so much as get something to eat they have to hobble over and ring the dinner bell... with their giant metal cocks.


Clearly the authorities care nothing for their plight, because we see the lunch lady enter at the sound of the bell, blindfolded to the suffering of the sick, and proceeds to suck on a saxophone, in a particularly sexual manner. Pointing to the uncaring and hedonistic manner in which a modern Health Care System is run.


My other theory goes something along the lines of, A bunch of performance artists, up their own arses, get massive funding from the government for dressing in nappies and strapping giant cocks to themselves.


Of the two, I'm leaning towards the latter.

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