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Hibs Sack Stadium Announcer

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Why do clubs pretend to like each other publicly?


i.e. by sacking this well intentioned clown, they are making out they actually respect Hearts.


They should just come out and say we hate Hearts and play as many songs over the tannoy as they can to annoy them and deride them.


Because that's the reality.


Fuck this nicey, nicey shit.

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Hibs fan elsewhere is saying that it was due to playing an uncut version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams which contains some sweary words.


Don't know which would be worse to be honest. Sacking someone for playing something with words audible from the players partaking in the game and the supporters watching it anyway, or being sacked for a bit of banter.


The boyo at Aberdeen must be due a few sackings now.

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Or how about 'That Don't Impress Me Much' by Shania Twain in reference to their self-appointed 'heroics' in getting a jammy win against a team which was short of a whole defence and is nowhere near the best team ever to play football as proclaimed by the self-proclaimed best fans in the world?


Just before we stuff the bastards.

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