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These Lads Are Amazing!


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fcukin hell min george.

you sound like an old man.


Me and my mates never hung about shops, we started on motorbikes at 13 years old and were roaring round Bucksburn in an old Toyota Corolla at 14, we phoned up some bloke who advertised it in the paper and got him to deliver it to the Four Mile car park, I still recall the look on his face when the buyers were half a dozen 14 year olds, none of us could drive so we declined the test drive and paid him the asking price. That's what teenagers should be getting up too, not hanging about a fucking shop freezing your arse off, in my day we had initiative! we discovered pot soon afterwards and used to sit in the Brimmond hill car park in our motor getting stoned with tunes on the stereo, great days! :thumbup1: we then became soccer casuals! :laughing:


These 2 lads are not doing the norm of today, they're being different, I like that!

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I mind that loon from years ago.


i wonder whatever became of him.

Drink, drugs and fast women is my bet!!



Funnily enough one of Scotland's most popular kilt-wearing, cheery, cheeky, Donald-Fars-Yer-Troosers singing favourites of the auldies was a bit of a wizz up the nose fiend.


Not that annoying little fucker in the video there, I should add. I imagine smarties, Toblerones and the odd disco biscuit was good enough for him.

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