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The day's paper explains your visit here:


Bung the article thru yer favourite noggie translator but the jist of it is:


31 year old (a little pork pie Mr Pipes?) was charged with buying sexual services, a so called "handjob" off a Nigerian prostitute for 600 kroner. He denied the initial fine of 15000 kroner and therefore the case went to Bergen courthouse.


The article doesn't mention any Frank Bruno similarities.


Man found not guilty of buying handjob

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I'm still alive and thanks for the concern, just back after a cheeky month on the open sea's. I look forward to integrating myself back into the group.

I will take down the black curtains and let the wife know she can stop the decade of mourning we'd embarked upon. What happened, misplace the dungeon key? Forget the "safe" word? Last time you were locked down there with the Fritzel kids you lost a few stone.

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