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Wife's Website For Xmas Presents


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If you are looking for feedback, then i'd suggest having your products as the homepage.


Also, get rid of the Gallery - its pointless.


If i'm being brutally honest, that is a horrendous name for a business as well.

All of this really, though in all honesty, I think the name isn't bad for what the target market clearly is.


There should also be quick link menu down the side or a fly out like she's dont for the "My Account" tab, instead, she's left the most important tab without forward links to various categories of tat.


Take a look at this for a well designed shopping site http://www.clubhousegolf.co.uk/ note there is only a small 'about us' tab at the very top of the screen, and nowhere will you find a huge 'returns' button, that's just creating an impression that itztat is selling tat that you are likely to want to return.


Otherwise though, good on her for having a go. :applause:

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