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there are so many intelligent people on here who have a grasp of the english langauage that would humble the likes of dickens and austen, it would make for a thrilling competition.



You'd win Words with Friends simply because of the weird words that are acceptable.


Just a pity you have no friends you fat tub of lard.

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post a picture of your vital stats.


187.5cm in height.


Weight in Kilos, Body Fat and BMI from July through to this morning.



85 18.5 24.2

85 17.9 24.2

84.9 16.7 24.1

86 17.3 24.5

85 17.5 24.2

84.7 17.3 24.1

83.2 17.6 23.7

84.4 17.7 24

84.8 18.1 24.1

84.5 17.6 24

82.4 17.9 23.4

82.7 17.7 23.6



Anything else you want to know lard ass?

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I deem my self reasonably fit, and would certainly be happy with 45 mins for 10KM.


runnings a fairly accessable sport though. any cunt can do it. even loners like tup can participate in this solitary pastime.


ive been running (on and off) for 10+ years though so i should be better at it but my diet and lifestyle are not conducive to becomeing anything more than a pub runner.

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