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Thompson Resigns

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My guess is certain clubs trying to get sevco shoe horned into an SPL 2 and he's nae happy





That was exactly my thoughts as well, hope I'm just being paranoid.


If he feels strongly enough to resign, I'd be sure he will feel strongly enough to come out and say why, he's usually pretty out spoken, and not scared to have a go at folk.

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I would hazard that it's the exact opposite, that he's been trying to negotiate a fast track for sevco and has met with fierce resistance.


Thompson is a well known lover of the defunct club and has form for defending them in the past.


Disagree with that tup.


I'd say he's been seen as more of a thorn in their side lately.

He was recently publicly quoted as saying the huns wouldn't be shoe horned back in

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i'd hazard a guess at this being tripe. Posted a healthy profit recently with decreasing debt, sitting at, what, 3 or 4 million now is it not.


Very much doubt it.


I'd agree with that. In the current financial climate there will always be rumours about Scottish clubs teetering on the brink. A couple of months ago there was a 20 page thread on Followfollow apparently celebrating Aberdeen entering administration.

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