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I'm in the public sector so don't work.


I had a cracker of an experience yesterday though. It involved a gallous weegie. Was at a meeting about inheritance tax. There were some posh folk there and not so posh. It was all very civilised until this weegie woman got into a debate with a rich guy about the moral justifications for inheritance tax. And instead of letting it go she just went on and on and on and on about stories involving how she was working class and her parents worked 3 jobs to support her blah blah blah. It had zero relevance to what was getting discussed. And then she shouted DONT YOU PATRONISE ME.

Why do weegies play these cards time and time again? It bugged the fuck out of me. Is it just that weegies HAVE to be heard? They are seriously on a par with scousers.


I was also at the Scottish Parliament. You'll be pleased to know that your MSPs much prefer to piss about on their mobile phones playing games and networking than engage in discussion and debate about issues which affect you.

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I have been going to a solidworks course in the past few weeks, and there was a bunch of draughtsmen from divex :sherlock:


I'm a graduate engineer for a company and do drilling riser and mooring analysis :sleeping: :sleeping:



The ginger one is a fellow Alford FC superstar, he scored the injury time winner against bobo a few weeks ago!


SolidWorks is brilliant. :thumbup1:

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