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Halo 4

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So, I'm planning on grabbing it sometime soon, being a fan since I first played Xbox in early 2003.


Anyone played it yet (no spoilers on story, please!) and what do they think? Should it have ended as a Trilogy, or is there life in the franchise yet?

Getting this from my girlfriends mum for Christmas, can't wait! Love Halo.


If they'd stopped at 3 then we'd never have got Reach Jocky.

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I got it, played the first mission and really hated it. I do appreciate why people think it's a great game but it's just not really my thing. I'm not really sure why I got it because I had Halo 3 and didn't like that either. Was just giving it a second chance I suppose. Anyone know the place which gives the best value for trade ins?

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My Fiance bought me it for Yule. Just completed the Campaign. Very good game. Not quite as good as Halo 1 or Reach, but better than Halo 2 and on-par with 3.


My only gripe is that it is a little "safe" insofar as it sticks to the formula a little too much, although I suspect that is because it's the start of a new trilogy, with new development team. If so, I expect Halo 5 will push the envelope more.

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i managed to become elite on the bbc b tape version, pachoooow! right on commander!



Superb game, had it for ma speccy. That talk of them making a new one, could be good for a fart around.


Finally finished H4 on new year's day, without spoiling it for abidy, what an ending, fair didnae see that coming at all. I'm gonna fire it up a couple more times on Normal on Skulls to work out the ins and outs of the new stuff, especially the weapons and the new grenades, before the push at Heroic mode. To hell with Legendary, I actually like to play fun games, extra hard mode's effing impossible. Anyway, anyone played the Spartan Ops bit on Halo 4, haven't got round to installing it yet, is it any good and fit's it all aboot?

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